Do You Want to Know SEO Tricks

Lots of person do not know how many tricks used in website ranking in google and also do not know how to use all these SEO tool and what benefit they will get urgent or in quick time.

SEO mean search engine optimization and also call website promotion in Urdu but lots of people do not know how to improve website ranking and which tool use for this purpose. See following some SEO tool for check your website quality and tricks to use for improvement.

Use of SEO Tricks for Website Improvement 1 - Website speed must be good and check in lots of devices

2 - Your Moz Local Listing Score must be above 75%

3 - Use of good keyword and its compition must be low and visitors must be more

4 - Must use Google Analytics in website for checking visitors for your website

5 - Submit website in google webmaster tool and if your website has error this tool will mention.

6 - Check your website on all Open Site Explorer and look must be good of your website on all.

7 - Use all keywords also which you will in google when you type any keyword.

8 - See your website Secore like traffic, seo score, web site speed, social media score.

9 - Check your website compitator links, index pages and social media score also.

9 - 10 - Create XML sitemap which will help your website for indexing your all pages.

11 - Index your website first in google because when your website in google it will be improve soon.

12 - DO regularly bookmakring sites for your website which will improve your keyword ranking in google.

13 - Write good content and post on quality blog which help rank in google

14 - Post good answer or question on forum and make ready interesting.

What is The Failure in SEO

There are lots of people do some mistake which cause in low ranking in google and make owner in depression follow mistakes,

1 - Speed of website not good

2 - Not use of keywords, description and title in top

3 - Irrelievent links which will loss ranking

4 - Low level content will not help readers to back in your website

5 - Copy Content also not indexing your page but if index will not improve in google.

Note - Follow all above tips and make your website ranking in google and also avoid mistake which we write above also help to improve website.