How to Create Blogspot and Earn Money

There are lots of poeple who search in google who to earn money but after write some articles they do not know what is real method and how to do which happend to stop work due to lack of good information. Here we will let you know who to earn money without spend moeny, it is very simple method for you.

1 - Create Free Blogspot

Free bloggig is very simple method and you can create blog very essay if you follow our step.

2 - Top Quality and Informative Content

Lots of people think quality content mean good english no its not mean good english it mean informative content which will reader love to read again and again. Quality content is the best part of drive traffic and raning in google. For this main aim, you must have google knowledge on selected topic and for this purpose you must search in google lots of website on specified topic. Suppose if your topic related to "how to increase ranking in google" type in google and open all 10 websites of first page and read good points and also see what different points are on all websites and why these sites selected by google for top 10 position. Make a stron plan in mind and start writing content but do not use heading same as other websites admin posted.

1 - Type in browser -

2 - verify your profile with your account

3 - Before verify you must have account if you not have then create account.

4 - Click on New blog and type title and URL but first check visibility of website.

5 - Select template in following and click on next.

6 - You free blog will be ready and click on new post in left corner.

7 - Post content in your blog and click on publish.

Watch Video How to Create

2 - How to Write Quality Content

After create free blog, you must have to concentration on good content because without knowledge, you an not write good content which will be cause low ranking in google. Simple words no ranking, no money. There are some tips on write a quality content and also promoting must follow,

1 - Write good title of content which must attract reader easily.

2 - Short introduction but good written

3 - Answer the question of all reader in body line

4 - Must have good information on subject before writing

5 - Summarize your all above subject in short paragraph at then end.

6 - English Skill and know always necessary

3 - How to Promote Your Content Or Blog

First your must promote your content or blog online on facebook, twitter,linkedin and oonfun and also get back links for your blog because these things will increase your blog ranking in google. For these purpose you must get free blogs link because your website must have quality links.

Finally Earn Money

When you get ranking in google with your special blog, you must post google adsense, affiliation from good company websites and also after post content of buyer on your blog, you can earn money.